Agios Nikolaos, Crete GREECE / 21-29 July




Photos from the 2007 Summer Cup in Agios Nikolaos!


A view of the playing hall (1)

The tournament secretariat

A view of the playing hall (2)

The 12-year young Eva Baekelant (BEL)

The arbiter, IM Andreas Tzermiadianos

Co-organiser, IM G. Mastrokoukos (right)

Chess players enjoying summer nightlife

The Aegean Sea view from Hermes Hotel

The beach of Hermes Hotel

A view of the playing hall (3)

WGM Marina Makropoulou & A. Andrenelli

IM Bernal Moro (left) & K. Pappas (GRE)

K. Pappas (GRE) surrounded by ...women!

E. Kounalakis (left) & A. Sandalakis

Youth vs Experience(!)

WIM Alexandra Stiri (GRE) enjoying lunch!

Co-organiser, Aggelos Tzermiadianos

Themis Zygourakis (GRE) supervised!

Eleni Nikolaidou (GRE) thinking to move!

Sonia Sirletti (ITA) happy with 1.d4!

D. Karanikolas (left) vs Marianna Pagali

A seaside view of Agios Nikolaos

Players and ...arbiters enjoying the sea!

The entrance of Hotel Hermes at night

Marios Tassopoulos (GRE)

Michael Mattsson (SWE)

Sandalakis (left) vs Gabaldon Gomez

Vasilis Parginos (GRE)

Maris (left), Makropoulou & Grammelis

Who said chess is only a men's game? :-)

IM Fabrizio Bellia (ITA)

Youth vs Experience in female form! :-)

FM Pountzas of Greece (left)

Junior player Kosmas Lekkas (GRE)

Chief Arbiter Alex. Kostouros ...inspecting!

WGM Anastazia Karlovich (UKR)

WIM Stiri (GRE) vs IM Bernal Moro (ESP)

The top 3 women received their awards!

The winners of performance / FIDE rating!

Eleni Govosti & Alexandros Gogolis!

WGM Makropoulou vs A. Andrenelli (ITA)

A cup of coffee before the game...

The lucky A. Grammelis between 2 women!

The winner, IM Bernal Moro raises his cup!

Mr Dimitris Kounenakis (left), City Mayor

WGM Anastazia Karlovich (UKR)

Co-organiser, George Mastrokoukos

Local chess club rep. A. Grammelis (left)

Co-organiser, Aggelos Tzermiadianos

Closing Ceremony

The Mayor with the top winners!


More information / Tournament Director

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