European Team Chess Championships 2007

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Crete, Greece / 27 October - 7 November

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Russian National Team - European Champions 2007

Russian Women's Team - European Champions 2007

Topalov & Ivanchuk among the other super stars in Crete

Congratulatory letter from ACP
9 November 2007

The Association of Professional Chessplayers (ACP) has sent a congratulatory letter for the organisation of the European Team Chess Championships 2007. We would like to thank all the participants of the ETCC 2007 for their positive remarks and we hope to see all of you soon again in Greece! The letter by ACP...

Final Round 9 Highlights
6 November 2007

Double triumph for Russia! Both men's and women's Russian national super teams were crowned European Champions 2007.

In the men's teams tournament, Russia conquered the title after showing excellent performance scoring 8 wins and one draw. In the last round, Russia beat Bulgaria 2.5-1.5 after tough combat (Svidler - Cheparinov 1-0, Georgiev - Grischuk 1-0, Alekseev - Delchev 1-0, Chatalbashev - Jakovenko 1/2). The victory against Israel in the last round's match was crucial for Armenia who finished second, while the Azeri team after beating France in the last round won the bronze medal.

In the women's teams event, Russia is the absolute winner scoring 6 wins and 3 draws. All three top derby matches of the final round (Ukraine - Russia, Armenia - Georgia, Romania - Poland) were tied. The teams of Poland and Armenia are winners of the silver and bronze medal respectively. 

Round 8 Highlights
5 November 2007

Scores were tied in both top matches of the 8th round. Spain broke the series of Russia's victories (Shirov - Morozevich 1-0) and Azerbaidjan drew with Armenia (Akopian - Radjabov 0-1, Gashimov - Sargissian 0-1). Israel beat Slovenia 2.5-1.5 (Rodshtein - Borisek 1-0) and Bulgaria won the match against Hungary 3.0-1.0 (Almasi - Cheparinov 0-1, Georgiev - Balogh 1-0), while Ukraine drew with Poland (Ivanchuk - Socko 1-0, Volokitin - Wojtaszek 0-1).
Russia has certainly ensured the champion's title, while the teams of Israel and Armenia follow in rank.
The Russian women's team beat the Netherlands very convincingly 3.5-0.5 ensuring its place at the top and probably the title as well, while Poland was defeated by Armenia 2.5-1.5 (Mkrtchian - Rajlich 1-0). Georgia beat Hungary 2.5-1.5 and Ukraine won comfortably the match against France 3.0-1.0
Round 7 Highlights
4 November 2007

Results in the top matches of the round: France - Russia 1.5-2.5 (Morozevich - Tkachiev 1-0), Armenia - Slovenia 2.5-1.5 (Sargissian - Tratar 1-0), Ukraine - Azerbaidjan 1.5-2.5 (Ivanchuk - Mamedyarov 0-1), Poland - Spain 2.0-2.0, Israel - Norway 3.0-1.0
Russia is firmly leading the tournament with 7/7, while  Armenia and Slovenia follow.

Results in the women's top matches: Russia - Georgia 2.5-1.5 (Lomineishvili - Korbut 0-1), Ukraine - Poland 1.0-3.0 (Rajlich - Zhukova 1-0, Dworakowska - Gaponenko 1-0), Netherlands - Slovenia 2.5-1.5, Armenia - Bulgaria 3.0-1.0
Poland and Russia have 5 wins and 2 draws and they are leading the tournament, with Poland being slightly better in tie-break criteria, while the Netherlands and Armenia follow.
Round 6 Highlights
3 November 2007

After the conclusion of the 6th round, Russia is once again victorious, leading the tournament with 6/6 and seems to be marching steadily towards winning the European Champion's title.
The wins of Svidler and Jakovenko against Sutovsky and Rodshtein respectively determined the result of the match in favour of Russia (Russia - Israel 3.0-1.0).
Azerbaidjan was defeated by Slovenia (Borisek - Guseinov 1-0) which is now second in ranking, while Ukraine, Armenia and France beat the Czech Republic, Hungary and Bulgaria respectively with 2.5-1.5 (Areshchenko - Polak 1-0, Akopian - Gyimesi 1-0, Chatalbashev - Bauer 0-1).
In the women's event, Russia leads as well after winning the match against Slovenia 3.5-0.5, while the top match between Poland and Georgia was drawn (all four games were tied).

Free day in Crete!
2 November 2007

Today is a rest day for all the players. The Organising Committee offered to the participants a free excursion with guides to the ancient city of Knossos, the capital of the legendary Minoan civilization! Other players preferred to relax and enjoy the beach, as summer is still around in Crete. Meanwhile, you can follow the action of the first 5 rounds in the accumulated reports of

Round 5 Highlights
1 November 2007

Russia goes on unstoppable after achieving an impressive victory over the Azeri team in the derby match of the day (Mamedyarov - Svidler 0-1, Morozevich - Radjabov 1-0, Alekseev - Guseinov 1-0, and a draw between Gashimov and Grischuk) and leads the tournament alone.
In the matches Ukraine - France and Bulgaria - Czech Republic, scores were tied (Ivanchuk - Bacrot 0-1, Cheparinov - Navara 0-1), while Israel beat the Netherlands and Sweden was defeated by Slovenia.

In the women's event, Poland holds on to the top after a dramatic match against Russia which was finally drawn (Socko - Kosteniuk 1/2, Rajlich - Kosintseva T. 1-0, Kosintseva N. - Zawadzka 1/2, Przezdziecka - Korbut 0-1).
As for the other top matches, Ukraine and Georgia prevailed (Ukraine - Lithuania 3.0-1.0, Georgia - Greece 1 3.0-1.0), and so did Slovenia (Hungary - Slovenia 1.5-2.5).
V. Topalov: I am pleased with the organisation of the ETCC!
31 October 2007

Former World Champion Veselin Topalov finished his games in the ETCC with a convincing win against GM Zdenko Kozul of Croatia and a total score of 3/4. After the game, the "Topster" gave an interesting video interview to Chessdom in which he expresses his wish that fellow compatriot GM Ivan Cheparinov wins the forthcoming World Cup in Khanty-Mansiysk, Russia. Topalov also spoke highly of the organisation of this year's ETCC in Crete and about his next tournament in Vitoria, Spain which is organised for charity. Watch the interview!

Message from the Organising Committee

Dear chess friends,

It is our greatest honour that ECU, the European Chess Union, has appointed Greece to host the prestigious European Team Chess Championships 2007 in Crete.

Our country has a long tradition of organising successful chess events and every new challenge is always accepted with pleasure. With the generous support of our main sponsor, the luxurious Maris Hotels, we are ready to offer another 5-star quality event, in line with the high standards already established since the World Youth Championships of 2002 & 2004!

Greece has been on track ever since it joined the EU in 1980. With one of the fastest growing economies of the Eurozone (+ 4,2% GDP growth 2007),
it has now become a strategic outpost for international corporations willing to expand in the developing markets of Eastern Europe and the Middle East. The new financial reality and the successful holding of the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens have contributed to the further development of sports in Greece. A number of important achievements such as the winning of the European Championships in football (2004) and basketball (2005) brought Greece at the center of worldwide sport coverage while the 4th(!) place in the European Team Chess Championship 2005 was also a notable success.

This year, Europe's finest grandmasters will gather in Crete to perform for their national teams. An all-year round sunny island, famous for its hospitality, the natural beauties and its history which runs five thousand years back to the Minoan civilization. We are looking forward to welcoming you all and making your stay in Crete the most pleasant one!

Gens Una Sumus,

IM George Mastrokoukos
Chief Executive Officer
Organising Committee "ETCC 2007"

Добро пожаловать!

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