Olympus Riviera, Pieria GREECE / 22-30 July




Photos from the games of "Summer Cup 2006":


Closing Ceremony (1)

Closing Ceremony (2)

Closing Ceremony (3)

An IM between 2 GMs!

GM Svetushkin receives 1st place trophy!

The 3 top winners in the middle!

1st woman prize: Alexandra Stiri (GRE)

WGM Anastazia Karlovich (left): 2nd prize

The 3 top women receive their trophies!

Vasilis Parginos (GRE)

Nikos Karapanos (GRE)

Karlovich (UKR) - Goutioudi (GRE)

Banikas (GRE) - Karlovich (UKR)

Georgiadis (GRE) - Tzermiadianos (GRE)

Analysis after the game!

WGM Marina Makropoulou (GRE)

IM Spiros Kapnisis (GRE)

Zoi Iordanidou (GRE)

WGM Anastazia Karlovich (UKR)

Marios Tassopoulos (GRE)

GM Ioannis Nikolaidis (GRE)

Chess players trying beach volley (3)

Chess players trying beach volley (4)

Chess players trying beach volley (5)

Chess players trying beach volley (6)

Ag. Tzermiadianos - Tournament Director

Hristos Boussios, our IT specialist!

Stojanovic (SCG) - Tzermiadianos (GRE)

Nikolaidis (GRE) - Karlovich (UKR)

Alexandra Stiri (GRE) and Kokolias (GRE)

Vragoteris (GRE) with Svetushkin looking

Chess players also trying beach volley (1)

Chess players also trying beach volley (2)

Excursion to mountain Olympus 1

Excursion to mountain Olympus 2

Malamatas (GRE) - Parginos (GRE)

Kiki Goutioudi (GRE)

GM Banikas and Siempos: new Maradonas?

The final winner, GM Svetushkin (MDA)

Georgiadis (GRE) - Stojanovic (SCG)

Karlovich (UKR) - Goutioudi (GRE)

Svetushkin (MDA) - Tzermiadianos (GRE)

Adriano Andrenelli (ITA)

Kostas Kokolias (GRE)

The playing hall in Olympian Bay Hotel


Photos of the 4-star Olympian Bay Hotel and the seaside of Olympus:


Press Conference of the Organising Committee, 4 June 2006.

From left to right:


1. Mr Aggelos Tzermiadianos (Tournament Director), 2. Mr Georgios Mastrokoukos (President of SO Athinon Club), 3. Mrs Dionysia Tsirou (Council Member and Candidate Mayor of Litohoro), 4. Mr Georgios Sevliadis (REA Hotels SA), 5. Mrs Elena Papahristou (REA Hotels SA).









More information / Tournament Director

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